Abi Spendlove

[Covering Ground]


Running time: 11 minutes looped.

Soundtrack by Nicola Hutchison

This video was created during the Luton Hoo Walled Garden Artist's Residency 2011. Abi Spent months filming in the garden, following movement and growth and trying to capture the sense of time within the garden. The imagery in the film is collected into cycles of life and death, lightness and dark and movement and stillness. Abi collaborated with sound artist Nicola Hutchison, who composed a cyclical soundtrack for the film.
The audio composition uses elements of music and sound design, combining to create a soundscape which complements the visual cycles of light and movement within the images. Recordings from the garden ebb and flow amongst manipulated musical sounds, with motifs emerging in a cyclical arrangement and a focus on 'transition'.

The work was installed in the Boiler House, just outside the Walled Garden for three weeks in September 2011.