Abi Spendlove


May 2008

Reflection is a video made up of a series of shots of the surface of the water of Regent's Canal in London, taken over a period of two months in spring 2008. Reflection explores the relationship between people and water, and was made to investigate whether it is water that people are attracted to, or the place where the water is. The place is recorded in the reflection of the water, but it is distorted by the very substance that captures it. Some reflections are as clear as a mirror, and others disappear in a mass of swirling or quivering lines. Sometimes the structure of the water overpowers the structure of the reflection and the water creates its own patterns: trains of vortices and prominent 'boundary surfaces' are revealed for brief moments.

The video is projected as a pool of light on the floor, allowing the viewer to interact with the work by moving through it.